Thursday, June 5, 2014

Beats by Dre - Best FIFA World Cup Ad ever

First off, I don't watch football. Second, this blog talks only about the legends in advertising, eponymous with the blog title, of course. But something tells me that two decades from now, if this world survives, people will mention this video among the classics of FIFA World Cup ads. I'm just doing it 20 years too early. 

But before the story of the ad, you'd have to bear with the story of how I got to this ad. Here goes, 

It was 4:28am. So this happened two hours ago, basically. I had just come back from office. Wasn't one bit tired but I knew I had to sleep. Until I chanced upon a Facebook post by Adweek which had, what at first glance looked like a convoluted headline: Did Beats by Dre Just Out-Nike Nike With This Incredible World Cup Ad? 

I read it again. And realised Tim Nudd, the senior editor - creative at Adweek had indeed out-done himself in the headline and that the story is going to be great. Then I saw the ad. More like savoured it. 

At first, it catches your attention for lines like 'Run like it is the last day of your life,' and 'Don't hold back.' And then the real deal begins. The soundtrack "Jungle" by Jamie N Commons & The X Ambassadors starts to take over your mood. And how. So where does R/GA come into picture? In holding my interest with the visuals. 

Basically, for a non-football viewer, it's the strength of their visuals that makes me want to know the game and the people involved in it. It makes me want to find out who's that player whose being surmounted in place of God and being worshipped in a house. It makes me smile at the sight of a woman who has her country's flag painted on her nails (And I haven't worn nail paint in my life, ever) 

What I like the most about this five minute video is that not once does it feel like an ordeal. The next best thing would be the fact that it establishes the brand connect for me, strongly at that. It's about headphones. You use them to hear your folks clearly on the phone before getting into the team van, and keep them on until you step into the field. It keeps the right tempo of 
'The Game Before The Game' as the tagline beautifully brings out. 

But you know what's best and the rarest? This ad makes me want to buy Beats by Dre's new range of headphones. I have seen umpteen ads in the last two decades and will remember some of them fondly until I die. But never had an ad made me want to buy the said product. This, my friend, is the superlative of #win. 


And now, you can watch the ad: 

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